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Understanding the Difference Between Being Senior and Having Seniority

Do these terms and positions exist among junior, mid-level, senior, or specialists? Even before the proliferation of artificial intelligence tools, it became evident that a financially categorized mid-level or even senior professional does not necessarily prioritize attaining seniority as a notable objective.

Mere memorization of methods or the ability to recite function results - which can vary based on different inputs - does not inherently make one professional superior. What distinguishes a competent individual with seniority is the capacity to approach and resolve complex problems thoughtfully step by step, achieving solutions in an organic, natural manner and, principally, based on solid principles. Often, these principles are not merely memorized but deeply understood.

Being labeled as "senior" does not automatically imply possessing proper seniority. The essence of seniors lies in the ability to navigate challenges with a depth of understanding and a mastery of fundamental principles rather than merely holding a particular job title or financial classification.

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