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Exploring Beyond Ruby on Rails: Adaptation and Learning in My Developer Journey

Exploring Beyond Ruby on Rails

A lot of times in my career, when I wanted a job, the primary reason was that I like to code with Ruby on Rails. I know about the framework, the language was easy to understand, and the deployment, too.

But recently, if you read one of my posts about the approach to solving a front-end situation using Rails, you will see a different opinion.

I sent messages giving my opinion of the best developers I know: Raphael, Gabriel, and Frank. After talking with each one, I concluded about something that I already do, like studying some framework to clone an application or website and justifying having the same result using NextJS, VueJS, and Rails.

So, let's think about what I wrote in the beginning: my main framework is Rails, but to solve everything, I need to do something: think five times before making a decision. It may be time to change what I like. Looking for a job in your main framework isn't an error, but you need to study what others can offer to solve problems, and if you don't do that, you will be making an error.

NodeJS can solve something Rails can solve, but Rails is harder.

The front end using Rails to have a SPA may be wrong; it may be better with NextJS.

I'm not here defending that you need to change your decision in a career or main framework, and maybe you won't make it. But if the project's purpose needs someone with a "seniority" about the best approach, it's motive to study new things.

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Every day, I try to improve what I know about frameworks, and when this occurs, I'll try to share it with the community. Every day, I try to improve my knowledge about frameworks. When this happens, I will try to share it with the community.


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