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The Vice of Procrastination

You know, I've often wondered if I should study something new, update my knowledge, or have new tasks executed every day. Still, unfortunately, a big vice also takes hold of me in the following way: today? It's too late, I'll do it tomorrow, next week...


The act of procrastinating tasks applies to everything in our lives. I'm not here to mention only certain aspects that I won't say, but in EVERYTHING, we are addicted to procrastination.

Speaking of the act of our work, especially as a systems analyst, what I see most among friends, colleagues, or those I've worked with is: I work with the same framework as you, but here we are in a version that's X years outdated. So, a question I always ask is: why has it yet to be updated? And the usual answer is that there is no time or planning for it to be done.

With over 10 years of work experience, wherever I go and find myself in this situation, I first ask: when will we update the system version and the involved frameworks? And the second question is: if it hasn't been updated yet, for what reason?

Every act of postponement in the development field will bring immense losses. It's a cost that can be reduced due to lower online resource consumption, and it's about gaining much greater recognition in the technological field; most importantly, what I think happens the most is professionals get out of their comfort zone of saying they are seniors but lack seniority.

I can say something to those who are reading this. In that case, it's this: take something that you find stagnant, demotivated, and where you procrastinate your actions, and assert that this will change and make you a remarkable professional.

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Every day, I try to improve what I know about frameworks, and when this occurs, I'll try to share it with the community. Every day, I try to improve my knowledge about frameworks. When this happens, I will try to share it with the community.


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