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In the ever-evolving landscape of the job market, professionals fervently pursue opportunities for reallocation, buoyed by concrete and promising prospects. Engaged and prepared, they meticulously delve into the details of potential employers and their respective industries, even going as far as cancelling alternative avenues in anticipation of securing a coveted position.

However, just as anticipation peaks, a disheartening email arrives mere moments before the interview, revealing that the position has been filled. While the email kindly mentions that their information will be retained for future considerations, the bitter truth remains that the current wave of layoffs further complicates the job search process. Professionals find themselves grappling with a perplexing reality—despite their best efforts, the elusive reasons behind repeated rejections remain shrouded in uncertainty, making it challenging to discern the right course of action in pursuit of the ideal opportunity.

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Well, eight months… since December last year, I don't have a job: just interviews, the same questions and results. I was thinking of when I said: I have been working with rails since version 1.2 reall

🌟 **Is This the End of Basics?** 🌟

For years, I've been navigating through what the best frameworks or practices are, but things seem to be spiraling out of control. Recently, I received a project where basic user registration can be d


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Hi, I'm Rodrigo Toledo

A full-stack developer skilled in both front-end and back-end development, building and maintaining web applications

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I don't know everything, help me

Every day, I try to improve what I know about frameworks, and when this occurs, I'll try to share it with the community. Every day, I try to improve my knowledge about frameworks. When this happens, I will try to share it with the community.


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