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ūüöÄ Ruby Tip: Leveraging `transform_values` to Modify Hash Values

In Ruby, the `transform_values` method provides a concise way to modify the values of a hash. It accepts a block as an argument and returns a new hash with the values transformed according to the provided block.

# Original Hash
scores = { alice: 80, bob: 65, charlie: 90 }

# Adding 10 points to each score
adjusted_scores = scores.transform_values { |score| score + 10 }

puts adjusted_scores
# Output: { alice: 90, bob: 75, charlie: 100 }

In this example:

We start with an original hash called `scores`, containing keys representing people's names and values representing their scores.

We use `transform_values` to add 10 points to each score. The block { |score| score + 10 } is applied to each value in the hash, adding 10.

The result is a new hash called `adjusted_scores` with the modified values.

Using `transform_values` offers a clean and efficient way to apply a transformation to all values in a hash without manual iteration. It's a powerful tool in Ruby's arsenal for working with hashes efficiently!

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