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Rodrigo, wait. You are not ready, but I'll help you

Years ago, I was working at a company in São Paulo, and the concept of home-office didn’t even exist yet. The company needed more people, so I didn’t hesitate and reached out to some people from my hometown. One of them, of course, I recommended to my superiors: "Talk to him and see how it goes." He got the job, was very grateful, and I was happy to have helped 😊. If he hadn’t succeeded, I would have asked what happened and surely helped in any way possible. Maybe he would have made it.

Anyway, years later, I changed jobs, and once again, needing a solid team, I recommended the same person. Without hesitation, they called him in, and everything went smoothly. He got the job, and everything was fine again. If it hadn’t worked out, I would have asked what happened and tried to remedy the situation.

But you know what catches my attention in the current job market? Despite not being good enough myself, this person, knowing that I need a job and have been searching and trying for months, couldn’t intervene on my behalf? The strange thing is that he’s been working at a company where I’d like to work for three years and never mentioned it 🤔.

Finding his behavior odd, since I need to know where I’m going wrong and find alternatives, I decided to ask him where he got the job. With a lot of resilience, he gave me a contact who never got back to me. But the most surprising thing was his post today asking if anyone looking for a job, in the very field I believe I’m good at (but apparently he doesn’t), would be interested in a vacancy and passing along the contact 😲.

Couldn’t he have thought: "He already said he’s looking for something, he’s worked hard, and maybe it’s time to try to help him?" 🤷‍♂️

It’s never anyone’s obligation to help others, but trying to see if someone will succeed is called having initiative, something that’s lacking in some people.

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Hi, I'm Rodrigo Toledo

A full-stack developer skilled in both front-end and back-end development, building and maintaining web applications

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I don't know everything, help me

Every day, I try to improve what I know about frameworks, and when this occurs, I'll try to share it with the community. Every day, I try to improve my knowledge about frameworks. When this happens, I will try to share it with the community.


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