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New Course: ūüöÄ Interactive Rails with Stimulus Reflex

Enhance your Ruby on Rails applications with real-time interactivity using Stimulus Reflex. In this course, you will learn how to implement dynamic search functionality for posts based on their titles and create interactive actions to mark posts as complete or incomplete with a single click. Perfect for developers looking to add sophisticated, reactive features to their Rails projects without the complexity of a full JavaScript framework.

Course Structure

  1. ūüďö Introduction to Stimulus Reflex

  • What is Stimulus Reflex?

  • Setting up Stimulus Reflex in a Rails application

  1. ūüõ†ÔłŹ Project Setup

  • Configuring the development environment

  • Creating a Rails project

  • Setting up Stimulus and Stimulus Reflex

  1. ūüĒć Dynamic Searching with Stimulus Reflex

  • Creating a Post model and controller

  • Setting up the search form

  • Implementing real-time search with Stimulus Reflex

  1. ‚úÖ Interactive Post Actions

  • Adding completion functionality to posts

  • Creating buttons for marking posts as complete or incomplete

  • Handling user interactions with Stimulus Reflex

  1. ūüéď Final Project

  • Integrating real-time search and interactive actions in a complete application

  • Testing and refining the application

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